Scientific Interests

  • Celestial Mechanics & Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Chaos & Role of Resonances
  • Orbital & Rotational Problems in Space Science
  • Gravitational & Non-gravitational effects (gravity, tides, interaction with the solar wind, radiation, magnetic fields)

Celestial Mechanics (motion of celestial bodies in space)

Dynamical systems in general (numerical simulations and analytical methods)

  •  computer assisted perturbation theory in general mathematical problems ([M1], [M2]) applied to the Sitnikov problem ([M3], [M4]), Trojan asteroids [M5], [M6], the spin-orbit problem [M7], [M8], [M9], and the motion of dust in our solar system ([M10], [M11], [M12])
  • symplectic mapping methods in general mathematical problems (M13]), applied to the Lagrange problem ([M5], [M14], [M15], [M16]), and the Cassini state problem ([M17])

I am currently working on interactions of charged celestial bodies with space plasmas, i.e. the effect of stellar radiation and magnetic fields on the orbital motion of charged particles and dust grains.

My non-professional research interests include theory of knowledge, symbolic dynamics, mathematical logic, insectology, and the science of artificial intelligence.