Scientific Interests

My scientific interests cover fields in natural sciences with special focus on mathematical problems in nonlinear dynamics.

  • Celestial Mechanics & Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Chaos & Role of Resonances
  • Orbital & Rotational Problems in Space Science
  • Gravitational & Non-gravitational effects (gravity, tides, interaction with the solar wind, radiation, magnetic fields)

Celestial Mechanics (motion of celestial bodies in space)

Dynamical systems in general (numerical simulations and analytical methods)

  •  computer assisted perturbation theory in general mathematical problems ([M1], [M2]) applied to the Sitnikov problem ([M3], [M4]), Trojan asteroids [M5], [M6], the spin-orbit problem [M7], [M8], [M9], and the motion of dust in our solar system ([M10], [M11], [M12])
  • symplectic mapping methods in general mathematical problems (M13]), applied to the Lagrange problem ([M5], [M14], [M15], [M16]), and the Cassini state problem ([M17])

I am currently working on interactions of charged celestial bodies with space plasmas, i.e. the effect of stellar radiation and magnetic fields on the orbital motion of charged particles and dust grains.

A pdf with combined CV and publication list can also be downloaded from here.